Asian chicken with shanghai noodles


Shanghai stir-fried noodles with chicken recipe

My husband love it :). They were a huge success. If you want to use pork or beef, substitute this marinade: Sign in to get the latest delicious news & offers or enter competitions. Vogue, or gq before.


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Asian chicken with shanghai noodles. You have previously logged in with a different social network, or you may have already registered with delicious. The saltiness of the soy sauce varies from brand to brand. Actually, only avocado oil that has been highly refined can be used in high temperature frying, unrefined (which is where the antioxidants are) has a much lower smoking point and is only suitably used in salad dressing. Hi dee, the recipe calls for thick round egg noodles (shaped like spaghetti). I made it last night as the bf has a strong love for shanghai noodles. Thanks, bonnie! yes, you can absolutely use rice noodles. Love chinese food, your recipe looks great.


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This recipe was amazing!!!just an fyi when looking for the noodles go down your international aisle. Please log in using these details. This is also known as online behavioural advertising.

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