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Turning, she slowly walked out of his office and closed the door. Spencer continued his assault on her teenage butt. Carefully, the doctor covered the whole of her pussy with one large palm and squeezed it. It was on one of the few evenings either of them found themselves in a local watering hole. Barbara gazed at her bottom and admired her feminine curves.


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Bend over spank exam. The joy of watching the mound jump and quiver as i slapped it was overwhelming. Spencer was hitting her as hard as he could. She definitley didn’t want to be forced to leave and never come back. They removed her bindings and her legs from the stirrups before covering her in the sheet once again.



Carls, if you can take it, so can i. I have to confess my blood was pumping hard with urgent fiery arousal when i was forced to use my other hand to grip her wrist.

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