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I found his manly bits less enticing bald. Pubic hair is useful especially during sex because they create an interface between the skin and promote a shift to a different skin. Coincidence? i think not. You would look for a man who is naturally sparse. All of which is to say that if anyone had any doubts about pussy slapping in their own lives, knowing that god is obviously way into tapping the clit is a relief, to say the least.

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But bryan figured i was just bluffing

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Do girls like shaved crouch. I try and shave it at least where the stubble is bareable. Can’t see how they’d manage to do that. If she doesn’t like it you’ll get it right next time! ya nerd. Not only did charles (putting some respeck on this name) consider going down on me without a wax, but he hit me with the “where you at?” any dude who is ready and willing to meet up immediately knowing damn well you don’t have the time to both shower and shave is definitely a keeper. Another vote for neatly trimmed.


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But ultimately, corey was the most woke

Birth control pills that you take by mouth often make acne better. However, trimming is fine.

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