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Among these, bombay night frogs are mostly stream-dwelling frogs and can be seen calling from the ground and overhanging vegetation in large numbers, after sunset during breeding season. The strangeness of these frisky frogs does not end there – as it’s the female of the species who send out a mating call to the males – with only 25 species worldwide following suit. It was published in the peer j journal. Can fertilise a female’s eggs without making contact at the same time – by leaving their sperm trickling down the female’s back. The male will then respond by straddling the female and releasing sperm on her back before dismounting. I tend to use adjectives to soften the expletive so that even the harsh word ‘cunt’ sounds like the right word for the occasion. The moment a female was observed approaching a male, we started filming the event using a camera with infrared function,” the researchers wrote in their paper.


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Frog fashion sex position. The independent is the most varied of the frog mating positions, with both the male and female’s rears touching and their heads facing in opposite directions. Fights between competing males are a common sight in the bombay night frogs – with a forceful fight breaking out when one male intrudes on the territory of another. He lies on his back with his legs together. I enjoy creating erotic artwork just as much as i enjoy writing erotic stories. Positions the male frog approaches the female from behind before eggs are fertilised. I’m a 48 year old man looking to meet women between the ages of 40 and 50.


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