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Delivered to your inbox! The scots poet william dunbar, himself a former franciscan friar, penned these lines (translated here into modern english) sometime before his death, in 1513: Thank you for your thoughtful comment to my blog post. To make them safer for consumption is to rinse them under cold water and rub them in a bowl of water, starting with the cleanest items and progressing to the produce that’s more soiled. Was a direct word for copulation in the middle ages, familiar to readers of chaucer. You are commenting using your twitter account. The fabricated report of a grisly discovery in illinois originated on a spoofed fox news channel website.

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Fuck you orgin. Originally meant “have sex on horseback” and is first attested c. The word continued in common speech, however. During the occupy wall street (ows) protests in 2011 and 2012, many middle fingers were thrown in the general direction of the wall street establishment, and more directly at individual police. In other words, it took roughly three hundred years to make the transition from “he fucked her” to “that’s fucking awesome!”. I bet 10 to 1 there was a caveman who dropped a wheel shaped rock on his foot and belted out the four letter word everyone is trying to prove came from their country of ancestry. All three milieus have two major things in common: big egos and fast-growth fortunes. Move restlessly, fidget,” which also meant “dally, flirt,” and probably is from a general north sea germanic word; cf.

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