Getting pregnant with frozen sperm


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It can also be helpful to have an orgasm after insemination (provided no penetration is involved), as the uterus will lift up, causing the cervix to dip down into the pool of sperm, while the contractions of orgasm will help move the sperm up into the uterus. Louis, told the press: (the reason why i went for ivf first was because i liked the idea of having spare embryos for any potential siblings). ) so i mostly did the evening when i got the positive cheapie, and the following morning when i got the solid smiley, and then the next morning i’d see my temperature rise so i knew i’d ovulated.

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Ttc – first time home insemination

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Getting pregnant with frozen sperm. However, typically millions of sperm are released in each sample, so the chances of having enough healthy sperm for iui or. I was successful using frozen swimmers at home. But, many if not most women get the solid smiley a bit further in advance of their actual ovulation, so you really need to work out timings based on your own tracking. For my second and successful attempt with cryos i figured that using more vials of a lower mot was better than using fewer vials of a higher motility. The cost of the initial screen before. The cumulative probability of pregnancy showed no differences in relation to the os regime used.

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The reason it helps if you live close to the doctor’s office is that the sperm must be “washed” in a laboratory within 1 hour of ejaculation. Healthy twin girls were born from ivf using frozen semen stored for approximately 40 years. You may have cramping during the procedure and light bleeding afterward.

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