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So that was kind of confusing, but i just rolled with it. About the only laudable bi male tv character i can think of is the short-lived westeros hero oberyn martell in. In retrospect, i’ve had crushes on girls as long as i can remember. I even saw this expressed in the antiquated concept of body count, which considers penetrative sex as “real” sex and therefore a ‘body’ while oral sex or sex with toys remain preliminary sex acts. It includes some great advice for anyone who is struggling with their sexuality and addresses some of the myths and misconceptions about being bisexual. At a guest bartending gig shortly after i’d turned twenty-one, my friends were dancing on the bar top as i stood next to them, wiggling and pouring shots into guests’ mouths.

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Getting started as a bisexual. Even an episode of. We went home and had sex that night. The next morning, photos of those kisses were all over instagram. Look at this handy chart below.


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My boyfriend asked if we could have a threesome with her soon. One day, i woke up to a text message for her boyfriend saying that i was too much and needed to stay away from her. So i learned very early to not talk about it.

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