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This is because they bypass the need for the sperm to swim on their own. I remember my first encounter with sperm. So, i asked girls for their semen horror stories. It is thought that the acidity here holds back the weaker boy sperm (the tough girl sperm can survive). Men who work in the military or have jobs that include painting, driving, or repeated trauma to the pelvic area may be at risk for work-induced infertility. She was also elegant, model thin, and very weight conscious.

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Girls love sperm. Feel free to check out our policies anytime for more information. The changes in the ph environment within is now thought to affect baby’s gender. Speak to your doctor before taking supplements, and be careful about where you buy them. I was fucking this guy and he was like, “can i finish inside of you?” since i’m not on birth control or anything, i was like hell noooo. Whether you get a boy or a girl depends entirely on which type of sperm meets the egg first (a male sperm is programmed with the xy chromosomes and a female sperm is programmed with xx chromosomes). My boyfriend and i were hooking up in a car and it was very unplanned.

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