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Seeing as how the stories are without dialogue, macisaac has to deliver on the character ideas established by lazarov, which he does beautifully. It’s gay comix from 1986! watch out comix #1! Skinny people, or kinky individuals, these erotic comics will help you achieve a powerful and cathartic sexual awakening. They decide to use their powers to freeze time and rob a bank to help save the library where suzie works. He binds her, torments her, and uses her.

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Hot erotic comic. Famous cartoonists have more groupies than rock stars. Tells four short stories of men meeting up in different circumstances, like a cowboy dumped on a talk show ends up going home with a security guard from the show. Naimah is rescued from the chessboard dimension and her defilement by the insectoid soldiers. In all of the stories, no matter how bizarre they were.


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Only to be bound into the sexual service. ) as they meet in a hotel resort in austria on the eve of world war i.

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