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Our vet actually suggested we message as his uncle believes doing so helped him recover from a stroke faster. There are no visible signs left, and i believe our massages were a big help in her improvement. But eating is usually accompanied by salivation and food loss on the affected side. But be patient and repeat these steps during the day whenever you get the chance. In idiopathic cases the signs are usually unilateral and there are no other abnormal physical exam or neurologic findings. Com uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data.


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Idiopathic facial nerve paralysis cocker spaniel. The most commonly identified disease process causing facial nerve paralysis is. Electrodiagnostic studies revealed denervation potentials and absent evoked muscle potentials. One or both sides of the face can be affected. The symptoms of idiopathic facial nerve paralysis vary with the extent of nerve damage.

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Thank you for sharing. I thought maybe she got a hold of a bug that stung her so we just kept an eye on it.

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