Lose your virginity twice


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12, 2010, 9:53 p. It is sorta like if you had sex with an average guy – 6 inches or so with average girth. No, you didn’t lose your virginity twice. I haven’t done anymore more than hold hands.


Can you regain your virginity after having sex?Do you also consider that you lost your virginity twice? : bisexual

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Lose your virginity twice. When it comes to women, i feel like a virgin. Yep, i’d consider it as losing my virginity twice aha. There are other ways that a woman can stretch her hymen, including using tampons, insertive masturbation, riding a bicycle, or doing gymnastics. When the day comes where i get a girlfriend, i can already imagine how crazy nervous i’m going to be, because i have no idea how girl-on-girl sex really goes. It is not like a membrane that covers the entire vaginal opening.

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Having sex as a woman felt emotionally and physically all-new

You did not lose your virginity twice. And then had sex with a monster guy that made you bleed. It is a little different than loosing your virginity.