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I feel kinda embarrassedand really don’t know what to say. Some women don’t enjoy watching men masturbate at all, other women only sometimes or only their partner, or for other women maybe only in porn. But for a guy, it’s a visual aid because it really is harder for us to get off just using our imaginations. I guess my question is why would they lie about it? if someone doesn’t find something hot why would they ask you to do it or why would they say they find it hot?”. Enjoying looking at each other’s genitals is a big plus, too. Co-host the show, chatting to a different guest about all things sex and relationships each week. Which is why it always seems to be guys watching all the porn.


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Love man masturbate watching who woman. I can’t even remember the first time this happened to me. She has such an encouraging way that i’ll do anything she asks me to. It’s funny, when guys talk about how often they watch porn, they assume they are average; anything else is too little or too much. And this had my pussy begging for more!

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I am a girl and it is my favorate fantasy to watch men masturbate. All good sexual practice. The ‘high’ comes from the chase,” she said.

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