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Main jet must be tight. B) 500 class 750 pounds. (unless the car in on fire or other safety concerns) any driver or crew member that confronts another car while moving or throws any kind of object will be ban for 1 physical year (365 days). 0 focus w/o clutch: 22: brass screw on flywheel magnet must be under the top coil leg atdc. The guard must also extend from the firewall to the back of the seat on the side of the driver. Do not pass through the accident area, if avoidable.


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Midget racing rules. Long hair must be secured and kept under helmet. All cars must be equipped with nerf bars extending to at least the inside of the tire, but not beyond the outside of the tire. Exact specifications are published in the current motorsport ireland yearbook. 11 the manufacturers and compounds listed below are the only tires approved for competition in the ssms: 8 any device(s) used for warming the tires prior to competition is prohibited. If a driver goes below the cone, and advances their position, the race will go yellow and the driver goes to the back of the pack. 9 any solvents or chemicals applied to the tire that alter the chemical makeup of the compound or have the effect of altering tire durometer are prohibited.

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However, continuous development in auto racing and technology may necessitate changes in these guidelines, and management reserves the right to change them at any time. 9 only standard type midget car bodies, tail tanks and hoods will be permitted. Side nets and head and neck restraints are strongly recommended.