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I looked to the left and saw my best friend jeff looking over at me smirking. You will be if you don’t pass the exam on friday billy,” mrs. What jeff, and pretty much everyone else, would be wrong about however was exactly which parts of miranda’s amazing body i was staring at. Dirty flip flops and feet clean up – part 3. After waving to him over my shoulder i exited the building, and after walking halfway across the parking lot, smiled at my car as i approached it. Occasionally i would turn my head and give their foot or toe a quick kiss which would get a giggle out of them but i avoided licking and sucking on them the way i really wanted too. Sitting one seat up from me to my right was miranda james, and as jeff had said, she was damn hot.


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Mother son foot fetish. I came back to earth, and all but slapped myself in the head at that point, as that little replay had done little to quell the raging hard on in my pants. Mom however, seeing that i hadn’t qualified for much scholarship money had taken the money and put it into an account to pay for all four years of my college. I couldn’t believe it! i was actually fucking her feet! i looked up again and saw julie watching but still with that look of ‘are you kidding?’ on her face. With that she began sucking it faster and harder, deep throating him and moaning every time her son’s cock was buried in her throat. I passed over a couple of standard ones and went further down to where i had several foot job videos saved. After staring at miranda’s feet for close to forty five minutes i felt it only fitting that i got off to a hot foot video. Admittedly it was a turn off seeing she was not excited and i started to look back towards her adorable little feet around my fairly sizable cock.

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I was drawn to those tan perfectly shaped feet, with their bright red toe nail polish, like a moth to a flame. My first reaction was to get rid of the site and watch a good foot video, after all sex with one’s mother was a pretty sick subject.