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We both agreed not to engage in anything sexual for a while unless there is protection. Couples’ relationships will undergo major changes, especially in this century when the respective roles of men and women are transforming. Mehta sd et al. A pregnant woman is still a sexual woman. Feeling comfortable with your body during your pregnancy can be a very positive thing, and masturbation may be a useful avenue for this.

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Mutual masturbation pregnancy. The perinatal educator will need a knowledge base and a level of expertise and comfort in this subject matter. But masturbation itself carries no risk of transmission. I am not sure if there was spot before i fingered her. However, the woman may continue her daily activities such as going to work, studying, rearing her children, and participating in community activities.

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This article is a guide for the perinatal educator who wishes to expand the discussions of intimacy and sexuality during the transition to parenthood with pregnant women and their partners in either perinatal education group encounters or on a one-to-one basis. Otherwise, the woman may accumulate sexual tension that could result in increased uterine contractions.

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