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Australia’s first competitor in nabba mr universe was victor vella, nsw in 1963. Nabba and wff are separate organisations but are affiliated. The first mr universe competition was won by steve reeves (who went on to make more than 30 hercules movies). Nabba tends to cater for the more muscular physique and wff favours a more athletic look. Invalid email or password. Both federations attract a high level of male and female competitors at state, national and international level. Each federation seeks a different ‘look’.


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National amateur bodybuilding association. This led the way to its affiliation with nabba in 1984. Nabba is now supported by more than 50 countries. Other famous bodybuilders who have won the mr universe title include reg park, bill pearl and arnold schwarzenegger (four times winner). Wff began in 1968 but in 1998 it became officially registered under the name world fitness federation. Graeme lancefield is the current nabba/wff australia and wff international world president.

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