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Jon’s thick hot jism was now leaking down his engorged erect cock shaft. Yg lady did u wipe ur ass last time u took a shit?he held her asscheeks wide apart & took a look. Sometimes we just need to make a point with you boys. And buffy squealed a lot as her youngest sister skillfully strapped her bare behind. In response to your reply to “anon” david may well be capable of over powering you. Yowwwwww!!!” buffy yelled wide-eyed. When i beat my man, as you do, he gets so cute and submissive i feel like just hugging him to death!

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Spread cheeks spanked puckered anus strap. The lower ass puppy flesh, teasing and pinching the erotic overhang. In quick succession, five times, he viciously brings the leather. Something inside her was edging her on to act like the naughty little girl she felt like right now. It landed with perfect sickening. The strap made contact with deep. Uhhh, yes dawnie?” buffy agreed, somewhat confused.


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Bullseye!” faith cheered as she and janice rewarded the youngest summers’ impressive marksmanship with a standing ovation. At each swat the butt muscles involuntarily clench. He saw the top of the crack of her ass.

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