Venous insufficiency vulva

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Vulvar varicosities: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

Clinical manifestations of vulvar varicosities. Lower limb varicosities can be manifest in three forms: perineal and/or gluteal varicosities, specific for svi, territories of the long or short saphenous veins, and recurrence following invasive treatment. As the reference imaging method of the pelvic veins, phlebography should be performed only after confirmation by doppler ultrasound of utero-ovarian vein incontinence, uterine varicosities, and as the first step in a therapeutic procedure. The tortuous left accessory ovarian vein (left) and the trunk of the left ovarian vein. This in turn reduces the load on the tributaries of the internal iliac veins, which are in most cases the sources of vulvar varicosity. Editorial assistance was provided by jenny grice, and funded by servier international.

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Isolated large vulvar varicose veins in a non-pregnant woman


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Venous insufficiency vulva. The arrows indicate varicose veins of the right labia minora. Vulvar varicosity relapsed in two patients at 2 and 3 months after the procedure, respectively, most likely because these patients became pregnant soon after the sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy should continue to be recognized as an effective method for the reduction of vulvar varicosity symptoms. During the procedure, the sfj and saphenous tributaries were dissected. The majority of publications in particular involve pcs.

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These provide a beneficial effect on the vulvar and intrapelvic veins, and in our opinion reduce existing pelviperineal blood reflux, thereby serving as a means to prevent the development of pelvic congestion. For nonsaphenous varicosities, pelvic origin is the conclusion in the case of gluteal and/or perineal varicosities.