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I know this because i have operated in the area on hundreds if not thousands of women. I am so proud of you! you are a courageous warrior. Posted on isurvive and saw t this morning, trying not to go back to that terrible place. Also: yes, i know that masters & johnson proved that vaginal and clitoral orgasms are the same thing. I only hope with all my heart that authors i read of who are without t. Most importantly, i am now myself.

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Water masturbation wordpress. Reading these stories are heartbreaking. The absolute disgust takes over then we go into hiding from everything good, god will spit us out and toss us in the fire thoughts. Fold it in half and place your favorite dildo, like our. You are commenting using your twitter account. Do you have therapist? if not, i strongly suggest getting one. I wish i had read something like this in my teens. Sometimes when your children reach the age that you were when you experienced a particular type of abuse, it triggers the memories.


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The more i lived alone the more i believed i truly knew who i was and what i wanted. Tonight i just want to not be me, It is a positive thing! this means that you know you can achieve it without having to resort to harming yourself to do it, which can make it easier to stop doing it the other way.